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Customer Testimonials

Hello Posh Pusher Gals,

I ordered a posh pusher from you guys and I wanted to share some pictures. We did not find out the sex and we were overjoyed when we delivered a 8lb 2 oz 19 1/2 inches long baby BOY at 39 weeks via c-section on 7/8/2012. The nursing staff LOVED the posh pusher and it was the talk of the floor as I had my c section in it. It was perfect for every scenario that labor and delivery threw my way.

Our bouncing big boy is Charles Grigsby Brown. We are calling him Grigsby and we could not be happier. The posh pusher was a hit, so much so, that an expectant nurse ordered one for herself. I loved wearing my posh pusher, it was a conversation starter with the nursing staff and it would take my mind off of my labor. After over 40, yes 40 hours of labor it was nice to have something occupy my mind other than pain. Thank you all again for making mommies everywhere feel special. We will return, but in a few years =)

Tara, Kirk, and Grigsby Brown

Hello posh pusher ladies,
It’s hard to believe my sweet baby Kyndal is almost 3 months old! I was looking through my pictures today and thinking about that wonderful day when Kyndal was born. It was a day full of emotions and anticipation for so many people! I remember putting on my Posh Pusher and thinking what a awesome gift it was! This wasn’t something that I knew about with my first daughter, Makinley. I just wore my figure-(un) flattering, drab blue, open back gown… Can you sense my enthusiasm? The birth of Makinley was, of course, just as special to me, even if I did have on my hospital issued gown, but with Kyndal, I felt so much more comfortable and presentable for visitors both before and after her birth with such an cute and trendy gown. I didn’t want to take it off! I was able to wear it throughout the day after my delivery too, and not feel like a typical hospital patient in a typical hospital gown. I also received the matching newborn gown and beanie hat for Kyndal, and it was a definite hit in the nursery! It’s so great to look back now and see all of us in such cute outfits after a long sleepless night filled with excitement. We may have been exhausted, but we still looked “Posh” in our gowns! Thanks again girls, and keep up he good work!
-Beth Harp
P.S. I enclosed a picture after each of my deliveries of my sweet baby girls for your comparison. Both of those days are forever special to me in my heart, but I love seeing all the bright colors and matching outfits on Kyndal’s birthday!

Hey Emily,
I wanted to let you know that the Posh Pusher was a huge hit! It was actually for one of our sorority pledge sisters. She was in the hospital for 1 week and then they decided to induce her due to her contractions starting back up. The nurses at Northside Hospital (aka “The Baby Factory” here in Atlanta) loved the gown she said and everyone wanted to know where it came from! She ended up having to have an emergency C-section and wore it during the procedure:) She said it was just perfect! Her little baby boy was 5 1/2 weeks early, but was healthy considering their situation and weighed 5 lbs. 2oz. He came home today and they are doing well. Thank you so much for rushing the gown to me and I look forward to ordering again!

I just wanted to say thanks for such an adorable gown! I got so many compliments and looked so much better than I would have in the standard gown! Here are a few pictures from when I had Jack via c-section on June 15!

Thanks again!


You girls are so sweet! There gowns were the hit of the floor! They
were SO adorable and everybody had them on right after delivery.

When she got back to the room right after they were born (C-Sect and her
husband and I both were back there) and the nurse had checked everything and
did IV’s and all that stuff and was leaving, Shelli said I want us to get in
our POSH-PUSHER gowns, the nurse said with a frown, “well I will have to
undo the IV”s and stuff. ” Then I said, well these are designer hospital
gowns with all the open places and stuff. She said with Velcro and snaps?
I said YES and SHE COULD NOT BELIEVE IT, she was thrilled. It was kinda
funny! Anyway, THANK YOU all so much! GOD decided to show off that day when he
gave us WILL and WADE and we are just so glad that he did!

Thank you again, REALLY!


Everyone was complimenting me on how I looked and the gown which makes or made me feel even more special on my delivery day! Your customer service and fast delivery makes it even a better experience! If I have another baby you will definately be making me another gown! Thanks.

Whitney Taylor



Thank you so much for my Gown! Everyone at the hospital loved it! It fit perfectly and worked very well with breastfeeding. Here are some pictures of me in the gown. Thank you again! Your creation made me feel so special during this unique time in my life!
Sincerely Imee and Baby Ellie

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